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If you have an aging family member, often host overnight guests, or would like to upgrade your living space, building a granny flat on your property is a great option to incorporate more live able space on your property and give you privacy, and it can also act as a great investment. There are a variety of different styles of granny flats, so no matter what your needs are, you can find one that will work perfectly for you. Find a great builder near you to get a consultation and find out how simple it can be to add a granny flat to your property!

Extra Room

If you feel that your home is too small for your family, adding a granny flat is a great solution. If you have adult family members living in your home, they could easily move into the granny flat and enjoy having their own area while also freeing up space in the main house. This is an especially great option for elderly parents or other family members who aren’t able to live completely on their own but who also want to maintain their independence. By moving them into the granny flat, you’ll have easy and convenient access to them at all hours to ensure that they’re taken care of. Search online for a great builder near you to discuss your options!


While hosting overnight guests can be very enjoyable, you and your guests probably still enjoy having your own privacy. What better way to increase your privacy than by allowing guests to have their own dedicated area during their stay? A granny flat is great for any guest no matter whether they are staying for one night or several weeks. Your home can remain undisturbed by your guests, but you can still enjoy their company during the day. A granny flat can also provide privacy for your elderly relatives or grown children. If you love having guests but also enjoy having your own space, consider building a granny flat on your property.

A Great Investment

Building a granny flat is a great investment for both now and the future. In the long term, it can add a lot of value to your property. In the short term, however, it can be much cheaper to build one on your property rather than move into a bigger home. Another great option for people who want to live in a smaller area is to build a granny flat on their property to live in and then rent out their main house. This is a great way for single people or couples who don’t have children living at home to make a good income while living simply. Find a builder that specialises in granny flats in Perth today.

A granny flat is a great solution for many problems you may experience, including needing to move an elderly family member in with you, having frequent overnight guests, and bolstering your income and property value. A granny flat can give you extra room and privacy while also being a great investment. Call a builder today to find out more information!

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