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Carpet cleaning is great for anyone who is looking to sell his or her house or just wanting to revitalise the interior. Your carpet gradually gets dirtier and dirtier as you live your life, so you might not notice when it starts to look dingy. Your carpet might have started out white, but after several months, it starts to look off-white. This happens so gradually that you might not even notice. When you vacuum your carpet, you remove a lot of the loose dirt and dust that is in your carpet fibres, but you don’t remove the dirt that is ground in. That ground-in dirt is often what makes your carpet look dingy. To get at that dirt, you need professional carpet cleaners. They will clean your carpet and leave it looking brand-new. However, you shouldn’t hire just any carpet cleaners.

Traditional carpet cleaners use a mixture of hot soapy water and vacuuming in an attempt to drive dirt out of your carpet. The mixture of moisture, heat, and suction works fairly well to remove dirt. However, it also tends to stretch and pull your carpet. As your carpet dries, a process that takes several hours, it tends to shrink and distort. A traditional wet carpet cleaning might clean your carpet, but it also might damage it. You need a better option.


Dry-Clean Your Carpet
You probably dry-clean some of your nicer clothes. You should treat your carpet as well as you treat your favourite clothing. You should hire someone such as Elite Carpet Cleaning that provides dry carpet cleaning.

Dry carpet cleaning is a multi-stage process. First, the cleaner will come into your house and do an inspection. He or she will let you know what furniture needs to be moved and help you move it. Once that is out of the way, the professional will use an industrial vacuum to vacuum your carpet. These industrial vacuums are much more powerful and effective than your household vacuum. They suction out far more dirt than a domestic appliance will. Once that is done, the professional applies a dry-cleaning solution. That cleaning solution helps to drive out the remaining dirt.

Return the Pile
Once the carpet has been vacuumed, cleaned, and deodorised, the pile will be askew. The pile of your carpet is the arrangement of the individual fibres. If you vacuum your carpet, you might notice when they all lie in a certain direction. Well, the direction and configuration of your pile is important to the look and comfort of your carpet. It is important that you hire professional carpet cleaners who will restore your pile to its proper place when they are done cleaning. That involves using a specialised carpet rake that arranges and detangles the pile. It will make it easier to clean in the future, more comfortable, and more attractive. You shouldn’t work with carpet cleaners who won’t commit to raking your carpet at the end.

Carpet cleaning is important but for far too long, wet carpet cleaning has dominated. Dry carpet cleaning is the more reliable choice for your home.

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