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If you are thinking of installing a pond, then you need to think of the overall theme for the pond. What kind of fish do you want to include in your pond? What type of water plants would you like to add? You also need to think about the installation of such items as a pond filter, pond pump, and lighting system, and how you will be maintaining your pond.

In addition, you need to consider a theme for your pond. What type of fish do you want to include? For all the aforementioned needs, you can find some answers by reviewing sites like water-garden.com. If you need pond installation advice, water-garden are the UK specialists in water gardening products.

Adding Fish to Your Pond
When it comes to fish, you will need to do some research online to see which fish are the most compatible in a backyard pond environment. A lot of people furnish their backyard ponds with goldfish and koi. However, these two species of fish can cause environmental difficulties if they are accidentally released into a natural flowing stream. That’s because both these kinds of fish can quickly reproduce, thereby swiftly out-competing native fishes in a natural environment. The koi and goldfish can tolerate lower oxygen levels better than most native fishes too – one of the major reasons they are selected for backyard ponds.

Traits of Koi and Goldfish
Koi and goldfish can handle water quality that is poor and can eat large amounts of aquatic vegetation. The two fish can also become quite large – not always a good thing if your backyard pond is small. While the fish are hardy, they can upset the ecological balance if released into natural habitats.

Creating a Theme for Your Backyard Pond

A Sunfish-themed Pond
Some pond owners like to make their pond theme around the sunfish. A sunfish pond may hold one of about 12 species of fish. A sunfish can range from a diminutive size (around 4 inches in length) to a fish that is about a foot long. The fish work out well in backyard ponds because they are variable. No two fish look exactly alike.

Many species exhibit splashes of red, blue, orange, and green on their bodies, providing a lot of vibrancy to a pond environment. Some may also look almost albino. The fish exhibit a great deal of personality. They just don’t swim through a pond looking for something to eat; they also develop boundaries where they create breeding areas.

A glistening pond can be established around a small grouping of sunfish or perhaps two groups of sunfish, if it the pond is sizable. You might also want to add a shoal of minnows to provide some movement and interest. Pick golden shiners, which are brightly coloured. They won’t get eaten by the other fish like many minnows do.

If, after your research, you decide on koi and goldfish, just make sure you can handle their food consumption. Also, make sure you locate them well away from any natural body of water. Koi and goldfish often are good choices for an Asian-themed backyard pond.

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