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Natural stone can be a beautiful addition to your home. It can be used as decoration inside or out, makes unique walk ways, and adds custom accents to your garden. However, over time and exposure to weather these stones can endure stains, can start to fade, and become worn looking. Unlike many man created materials, natural stones are formed from layers of bright vibrant colors that over time become damaged and wear off. You have probably noticed how river stones tend to look more vibrant and colorful when they are wet, well, applying specific polish and sealants to natural stones can achieve and help preserve that look.

So, if you are interested in revitalizing your natural stone tiles floor, those unique pavers in your garden, or refurbishing that marble counter top so they look brand new again, it might be easier then you think. First Things First – Before you can begin this process there are a few items you will need. First locate a stiff scrub brush, a bucket with soapy water, and an electric sander and stone buffer.

For the second part of the project you will need the color stain of your choice, two bristle brushes, and finally a sealant. Other tools that may be useful (but aren’t required) are a pressure washer, and fine grained sand paper. Your local hardware store should have all of the materials that you need. It may be useful to call a few places first and see if they rent equipment, that way you can save money by renting the sander for a few days instead of committing to purchasing it. Once you have acquired all of the necessary materials you are ready to get started, just follow these five simple steps.

  1. Clean the stone you are preparing to refinish. It should be free of all paint, debris, and dirt. A pressure washer can make short work of this process for outside walkways. The wire brush will help in removing paint and hard to remove debris.Do It Yourself! – How to Rejuvenate the Natural Stone in Your Home
  2. Wait for the stone to dry. Once it is completely dry you will need to buff out any blemishes or stains on the stone using the electric sander. To develop the stone’s natural polish, use a fine-grade piece of sandpaper.
  3. Using the bucket of soapy water, wash the stone again and allow it to dry completely. Once it is dry examine the stone once again for any unsightly blemishes, debris, stains, or dirt. If there are any of these left on the stone they will become permanent once you apply the stain and sealant.
  4. Once the stone is completely dry you are ready to apply the stain with a bristle brush. Be sure to follow the direction on the stain that you have chosen to ensure it is properly applied. The directions will also indicate at what temperature your stone should be stored, and how long it will take for the stain to dry. Once applied you need to wait once again for the stone to completely dry.
  5. Finally take the second, clean bristle brush and apply the sealant to the dried-stained stone. Once again, the directions on the sealant of your choice will specify how long it will take to dry. You should be prepared to avoid using any walkways for a minimum of 24 hours. Be sure to take the weather into consideration before starting this project. For outdoor paths that are being refurbished you will need to conduct the project when the weather is dry and warm. Rain and cold weather can greatly hinder the staining and sealing process. When shopping for the stain and sealant be sure to choose nontoxic products on anything that will be indoors (such as countertops or tiles). It is also a good idea to create a good ventilation system by conducting the work near open windows or doors, if you cannot complete it outside. The most difficult part of this process is waiting for the stones to dry between each step. If you follow all of the directions carefully this can be a fairly inexpensive way to make the natural stone elements of your home look bran-new again. Img credit

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