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Many firesoccur in homes all across the globe due to electrical malfunction or failure each year. Such blazes are unexpected and usually end up maiming and even claiming lives. Most of them can be prevented if an electrician is called up to check the electrical system early enough. There are a number of situations that warrant calling in an electrician to carry out safetychecks in your home.

1) System Failure
Homes built in older times were not necessarily designed to accommodate the heavy demands of modern electrical equipment. They shut down time and again when overburdened, even if only slightly. Such an incident can happen in two primary ways: one involves the tripping of a circuit breaker and another, the blowing of a fuse. Both situations are sure indicators of circuits drawing larger amounts of current than are possible for them to handle. Your electrical system would require upgrading in any such event.

2) Dimming or Flickering of Lights
The electrical system in your home can get overstressed even when set up in a sound manner. Both the refrigerator and air conditioner, for instance, require vast amounts of power to keep them running. These powerful machines can cause interruptions if attached to the same circuit. This common problem can be corrected by connecting the larger appliances to their own dedicated circuits.

Five Good Reasons for Calling an Electrician Immediately

3) Multiple Extension Cords
The Electrical Safety Foundation International, or ESFI, reports that over 3,000 residential fires occur every year due to problems with extension cords. These gadgets may not have /inherent dangers attached, but might be applied in an improper manner, leading to electrical faults. Many homeowners overburden the outlets they already have with multipliers as they lack an adequate number to cover all their power needs. Hiring a competent electrician is a cost-convenient way of resolving such a problem. This is a critical safety measure that keeps occupants of a home from tripping over cords and also reduces the possible risk of a home fire.

4) Warm to Touch
Outlets, switches and other electrical components should not warm up with time as power is consumed through them. Any such incident indicates that excessive demand has been placed on the circuit. You can get a shock from just touching a switch or other form of outlet if this happens. The situation, therefore, presents a serious risk to the safety of anyone who steps into your home. Your electrical system might not require upgrading entirely in such a scenario, but will most likely need the input of an electrician to rewire certain sections of the house.

5) Ageing
Certain things deteriorate with age and a home that has stood for a long time is bound to develop problems, especially if its power system has never been checked before. Rust, antiquated circuits and bad wiring are among the common challenges that electricians face when undertaking the maintenance of facilities in older homes. It is important to have your home checked by a professional even if a problem has yet to come up.

Engage a seasoned electrician to carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the power-related needs of your home. This professional will then recommend an appropriate course of action to ensure that you can minimise risks due to problems with the consumption of power.

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