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Landscaping is an important element that can add value to your home and aid in its sale. A buyer’s first impression of your home is based on the quality and attractiveness of the surrounding property. Landscaping also adds practical benefits as it creates clean lines and well defined areas such as those around a pool or a simple courtyard. These areas can be enjoyed by homeowners and are sure to bring satisfaction as their friends and family are able to relax and enjoy the benefits of these improvements as well. Many home owners however skimp on this important detail due to the high expense that can be incurred through hiring a landscape architect.

There is a solution for home owners who want to increase the beauty and value of their home through landscaping. Flagstone provides an exquisite yet durable way for the do-it-yourselfer to add dimension and design to their yard. While many people see flagstone as a simple paver is has been used for centuries in European architecture and has a rich history. Flagstone is created when feldspar, quartz and small amounts of other rocks are compressed beneath the earth’s surface which is what lends flagstone its indestructible quality and its unique ability to endure all varieties of weather conditions when compared so other landscaping materials.

Flagstone is an abundant material and as a result can be purchased very reasonably from any reputed flagstone supplier. It can be ordered pre-cut in a variety of shapes and sizes which makes it simple to put in. There are just a few important steps to remember before you install your flagstone:

  • Measure the area to be paved, it is important to provide the supplier with an accurate measurement when ordering your stone to ensure that you have the proper amount cut and deliveredDo It Yourself! – How to Rejuvenate the Natural Stone in Your Home
  • Determine how you want your flagstone to be cut and decide on a design pattern. Deciding on these two important design elements ahead of time will make the process of laying the stone down quicker but it is very easy to change the pattern so be willing to play with it and use your creativity!
  • Prepare the area, it is important to use the proper site preparation to ensure that the stone will go in smoothly and that you will be satisfied with the final outcome.
  • Decide on and plan for the addition of pathways and purchase the additional flagstone needed to cover any paths. Paths can add an element of romance, such as wondering paths through your landscaped yard, but can also be a simple practicality since they mean safely getting to different areas of your yard.

Once your flagstone is laid, you will be able to enjoy it for the life of your home. Don’t worry however; should you change your mind or want a different look in the future, flagstone can easily be removed with the proper tools.

So with some planning, determination and not-a-lot of money your home equity can be increased and this should be taken into consideration if you decide to place your house on the market. A well landscaped yard warrants a greater asking price and not just because of the value of the raw materials but also because of the work you have invested instead of paying a landscaper. The added sophistication that landscaping will lend your home as well as the benefits of increased usability and safety are all factors that will make you home more desirable, both for you as well as for any future owners. With all the benefits that using flagstone in your landscaping provides, it’s a smart as well as an economically wise decision to plan its use as part of your overall design. Image Credit

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Michelle Dsouzal has been writing technology articles since 2000. Her work has appeared in “Mac World” magazine and “PC Connections” magazine. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science from California State University. She also likes writing articles that are related to landscaping stones and garden maintenance

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