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Saunas, who doesn’t love the idea of having one in their backyard? But without the right thing over them they can look very awkward. This is where a gazebo comes in. They are very practical and appealing to the eye. They come in so many different kinds to.

  • Starting out you can build your own. Typically any do it their self project is going to be made out of wood and have various measurements not to mention tools. You have to be very good with your hands to be able to build this. But it is definitely do able. There are a lot of different books on how to build your own and get great ideas from there. Looking at books can also give you so many different ideas on what type of gazebo you would like. You can have one made out of brick, or wood or metal. Practically anything that strikes your imagination. I’ve even seen some made out of recycled materials like old air hanger aluminum. Hazed glass can be another nice touch to make a gazebo out of. This way out can be completely sealed from the elements in a warm, clean cozy room.
  • Once you have your base laid out you have to decide how big around you want it and what shape you would like it to be. Would you like it to be very close to the hot tub so that you can just jump right in or would you like a little walking room inside the gazebo? This is completely up to you. I have seen some that are built with 7 feet around the hot tub that had a wood floor and benches for people who are too hot or not wanting to join to sit in. Once major thing to think of when building the base of a gazebo is can I access all of the parts to it if there is ever a break down? Can I open up all the doors to the pumps and electrical? Get the Privacy of your Dreams with Hot Tub GazeboAnother very important thing to consider is to make sure that the area around the pumps are ventilated so that you don’t over heat a pump after running for a long period of time. A great thing to think about too is when you decide to drain it can you access the drain and drain it so that you are not wrecking your new gazebo. A lot of chemicals in the hot tub like salt and chlorine can eat the finish on wood and eventually rot wood. When staining or picking out the material for your gazebo you’re going to want to make sure that it is going to be tolerant of all the chemicals.
  • After choosing your shape and base you’re going to want to look at what you would like to cover your gazebo with and how open you would like it to be. Trellis is a very nice and cheap thing to cover a hot tub with. This way you can have flowers growing over top of them to create a very nice ambiance and also muffle noises from the hot tub jets. Another great perk about having some sort of cover is not having to worry about the neighbor listening to every conversation your having. It gives you the intimacy and privacy that you need when enjoying a hot tub.
  • One last great thing to consider when looking into gazebos is a roof. This can help block that hot sun in the summer. Keep the nasty rain and snow out in the wet season and also keep out the leaves and some of the pollen in the spring and fall season. A gazebo is a great thing to have when considering a hot tub. It can save you so much maintenance and give you the atmosphere you really want out of a hot tub.

Now I know that there are a lot of options and it can be very overwhelming when looking into hot tub gazebo designs but even if your not the handiest man or woman in the world you can always but pre-made gazebos designed specifically for the dimensions of your hot tub and if you go down to a local dealer or home show a lot of gazebo companies will install for you! Image Credit

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