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Concrete is the single most widely used building material in the world today. It is not something new either. Concrete has been around for several thousand years and was initially used by the Romans and the Greeks. Even today, many of the sculptures created by the Greeks and Romans still stand strong. The biggest example is that of the Coliseum, which stands right in the middle of Rome. Even though many other materials have been used, most of the Coliseum has been constructed using concrete.

In cities such as Melbourne, the use of concrete is very common. During the summers, temperatures in Melbourne tend to skyrocket. This can cause temperatures inside the building to spike. However, concrete has reflective properties. Not only does it reflect solar radiation, but it also prevents the building from heating up considerably.

When construction begins, the building company generally orders a large quantity of concrete slabs. Usually, the slab is made from a mixture of water and Portland cement. Depending upon the reason for which it is supposed to be used, the hardiness of the slab varies. The ratios of the water and cement can be altered depending upon where it is going to be used. While it is used for a number of different purposes, concrete slabs are most commonly installed in the foundation of the building.

While the foundation of the building is being laid, gravel can be added along with the concrete slab to further improve its hardiness. This makes the foundation more secure, allowing it to support the upper floors. If gravel is used in the foundation of the building, the cement is usually mixed with the sand in the ratio of 2:1 and three parts for gravel. When high-rise buildings are constructed, such as skyscrapers, the builders also install steel beams in the foundation of the building to further stabilise it.

Concrete slabs are flat and have a rectangular shape. The slabs are usually available in varying shapes and sizes, depending upon the application. When being laid down for the foundation of the building, the slabs are usually placed close to each other. Gravel is added all around the slabs to cover up the gaps. Steel beams are placed on top of that in order to make the building structure more stable. Apart from being used in the foundation of buildings, concrete slabs are also used for laying down the roofs, pavements, bridge decks, etc.

Ordering The Slabs
During the construction of your house, the building contractor will use a variety of different types of slabs. Before you place the order, it is a wise idea to know a bit about these slabs. Concrete slabs in Melbourne are sold by many companies. Most companies that manufacture and sell different types of slabs also offer fitting, engineering and designing services. Here are some of the common types of slabs currently available in the market:

Corrugated Slabs: The concrete in corrugated slabs is discharged in a specialized ridged tray. The tray is made out of steel. This makes the slab a whole lot stronger and allows it to support a greater amount of weight. Many times, concrete slabs tend to bend under their own weight. Corrugated slabs do not bend at all.

Getting Concrete Slabs Installed in Your House

Ribbed Slabs: Ribbed slabs usually have additional strength towards one particular direction. There are other types of slabs as well, such as waffle slabs, one-way slabs and two- way slabs. However, each different slab is used for a particular purpose. During the construction of the house, it is important for you to buy slabs from a reputable company.

Using substandard concrete slabs could weaken the foundation of your house. There are several companies in Melbourne that offer a complete range of designing, engineering and other construction services. They also supply concrete slabs. Working with such a company is a better idea, since you won’t have to approach another company again.

The Benefits Of Working With One Company
Before the construction of the house begins, you will need to hire an architect. The architect will create the house plans and hand them over to you. You will then need to take them to the building association and secure the necessary permits before construction can begin.

Once you get the necessary permits, you will have to hire a designer, engineer and consultants. The investment and effort will scale according to the size of the project. Now, if you hire a separate company for each job, you will end up paying a lot of money.
However, if you hire one company for all the tasks, they will give you a discount. You will also be more relaxed since the company will handle all aspects of the job. Whether you want to lay down a pavement or install concrete slabs for the construction of a building, hiring a construction company that offers all relevant services is important.

Companies such as Concept Concrete offer a plethora of different services in Melbourne. Not only do they provide consultation, engineering and designing services, but they will also secure the permits needed to begin the construction of the building. This makes the whole process very easy for you since you get the peace of mind that the project will be completed on time.

Before concrete slabs are fitted into place, the ground must be prepared. The construction company will not only prepare the ground, but they will also use industrial pressure washers in order to clean the slabs. This will remove all the grime, dirt, chemicals and other impurities from theslab.

Designer slabs are also available, which are coloured and are available in different shapes and sizes. While they are a bit more expensive, the designer slab looks very beautiful. Not only will it add a bit of charm and uniqueness to your driveway or flooring, but they are also easy to maintain. In case of cracks and damages, you should call a professional company in order to assess the damage and carry out repairs.

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