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If you are in need to hire security guards for your business or personal purposes then there are a few tips you would like know to ensure that you get the best. If you are looking for quality, then there is a price to pay for it. If you think you have negotiated well with the security company and got the services at a lower price, you might as well have to compromise on the service standards. The security company which readily agrees to your payment terms may actually not be reputed for setting high standards in security. With these companies you can expect poorly trained employees putting the safety and security of your business or people at risk.

What can you expect from the security guards?

We are discussing some important attributes of a security guard. They are the universal qualities and applicable to the guards hired anywhere, be it security guards in San Jose, CA, Denver, CO, or Buffalo, NY.

Acceptable communication skills – You don’t expect the security guard to be a great orator. Yet, he should have basic communication skills. You will prefer a security guard who speaks English well and can easily give directions to the people seeking help. It reflects on the image of the company if the security guard is not able to assist people properly.

Good observation – A good security guard will not wait for the problem to happen and then rectify it. He is expected to showcase proactive behavior and tackle the issue before it becomes a major challenge to deal with. A good security company focuses a lot on training the guards on the observation skills. If you do find frequent lapses in security due to lack of observation, you can very well judge that the security company has not trained its employees well.Go For The Quality Not The Price

Competence and skills check – Security companies are expected to take their employees through thorough training. However, you as a client should not take this for granted. Ensure that you periodically keep testing the competency and skill level of the guards through drills and mocks. Most of the times the clients do not need to do the drills or mocks themselves as the security companies have a supervisor stationed at the client site to oversee the operation of the security guards.

The reputed security companies have a certification process to ensure that the security guards perform up to the expected level. They are tested on the verbal and communication skills. During the training period, they go through several mocks and drill sessions to get the feel of the real time environment.

Security companies can only run if they have the proper approval from the appropriate government authorities. Always ensure that the company is registered and has the license before signing the contract with them. Cost cutting measures are important but also ensure that you do not end up getting highly inferior level of service because you negotiated too much.

Never thought recruiting a security guard could mean all this? Well, now you know 😉

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