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Your living room is the first room your guests enter as you welcome them home into your house and most definitely sets the tone for the rest of your home.

It is easily the most important room for a number of things such as for social gatherings, conversation, work, a break or even just tea. Your living room must speak comfort along with aesthetics & utility.

Besides your sofa sets and an easy chair there is more that defines your living room.

Home DecoeSimple Living Room Ideas

The trick to uniqueness is the accessories that go into the living room.

1. Photographs

2. Collection of wall painting

3. A chandelier to add to the elegance of the room

4. Curtains complete any room that you may be designing. Make sure you select the right kind so it does not overpower the rest of your decor.

5. A book-shelf if you love to read

6. Introduce plants and let your house be eco-friendly. Plants not only complete the decor of a room but also are healthy to the environment as well as yourself.

The art of doing up your living room is to make it comfortable for your guests as well as for yourself to have a room to lounge in after a troubled day.

A lot of times living rooms double up as entertainment rooms which makes it vital to make it a relaxing room to be in.

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