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The home should be a relaxing environment that is pleasing to the eye of the owner. Every person has very definite ideas about what looks pleasing. With interior design ideas such as is showcased at an online decorating site, Edge, a person should be able to find something they like. Many different looks are showcased in the portfolio of Edge.

Decorating your home is both fun and easy. There are a few techniques that should be addressed to get the exact look you want. But, those are easy to master and will make your home a decorating masterpiece.

The techniques that will enable you to decorate your home attractively are the same basic techniques that make a piece of graphic art or a painting a masterpiece. These are:

  • Balance
  • Colour
  • Form
  • Individuality

These techniques are all taught in any art class or program, including those for interior decorating. They are the same techniques that Edge used in their interior design samples in their showcase.


The first technique that needs to be addressed in any decorating or other art form is balance. This does not mean the left side has to exactly match the right, or top to bottom. It does mean that what appears on the left side needs to be balanced on the right. For example, if you have a large, bulky bookshelf on one side of the wall, you don’t want to place a small, delicate table on the opposite side. You will want to have a large, chunky table to offset the large shelf.

How to Make Your Home Into A Masterpiece


Another important element of designing the perfect home is that of colour. Colour is a very personal thing. A colour that one person might love could very well be hated by another person. The key with color is to use tried and true methods. For example, a monochromatic scheme, where only one colour with different hues is used, can be boring if not done right. Even if green is your favorite colour, if you have all the same shade of green throughout, it can be very unexciting. However, using several different shades of green, used in perfect balance, will lend excitement to the same space. Balance and harmony are key. Some shades of green clash with others, for example.


Another element of art, and decorating, is form. Form involves the way pieces are used together. This is more than just balance, though that is part of it. It involves placing items that will be used together close to each other. For example, a stack of floor pillows placed next to the TV involves form. They look better there than in the corner near the sofa. A table for placing drinks, snacks, and books to read goes better near the sofa than in front of a window. So, balance, colour, and utility are all part of form.


Another important element in decorating, just as in art, is individuality. It is fine to get inspiration from others, such as the showcase of interior design at Edge. However, copying exactly another person’s ideas is not only unethical, it is boring. You won’t be invested in the design on a personal basis, and seeing the same exact thing in a number of locations is also boring to the person seeing the repetition. Use all the elements of good decorating and make your home your own masterpiece.

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