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Furniture stores are a dime a dozen–Finding one is a very easy task ! Although, finding the right one can prove tricky. Considering price, quality and style, this can put you into a very complex situation! I am going to cover a few Top Ohio furniture stores in regards to those three factors.

Nth Degree Home

Nth Degree Home landed itself on my list of furniture stores in Ohio because of its elegant style and modern class. Their pricing isn’t very budget friendly, but this shop is certainly a place to visit whether near or far. This business opened in 2003 and has remained in business successfully due to their unique taste for home decor and furniture. Visiting their showroom will be so visually enticing, it will be hard to walk away without purchasing anything! If you love their brands, consider shopping through their on-line catalog as well. Be sure to check events to take advantage of sales.

Studio J

Studio J is a storefront located in Dublin OH. Their on-line presence is exceptional–Offering personalized videos and a unique look at their furniture. In addition too their quality brands, they also have a couple interior designers that leave a design footprint full of inspiration and precision. Unfortunately, their lack of on-line catalog really presses their opportunity to reach out to consumers abroad.

Grid Furnishings

When I take a look at grid furnishings, I feel like I just walked into an elegant man cave, full of symmetry and flare. Being run by a man, this makes much sense ! Tim, the owner, doesn’t shy away when sharing press information through his web page to showcase his accomplishments and hard work. He also offers you insight to the products he pushes with confidence in knowing his design is truly what sets himself apart from others.

Furniture Land

Although this store appears fairly generic–Its choices in financing and lower bill to foot is what lands this front onto this list. You can purchase sets on-line and utilize their sales that have be known to be ongoing. They carry multiple name brands and offer a warranty hard to resist.


The final business too consider is any third-party organization selling used furniture! In rregards to budget, style, and quality, you can truly find a gem in a rough space by following this advice. I have found notable brands at nearly half the price when skimming through local thrift shops and consignment stores. Most people gawk at the price-tags of furniture in these discount stores, but for the right customer, you could walk away spending only 200 for a 1700.00 piece.

Personalization that Counts


No matter your decision, the utmost import factor when creating a comfortable dwelling is to let your choices flow. Compare and contrast colors, and consider creating a “dream space” album with all your favorite furniture to date. When you have your ideas jotted down, you can reference that when shopping around town. Good luck in making a decision and I hope you find all the furniture pieces you are looking for.

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