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Interior decorating is something that says so much about one person. You can pretty much tell what the person is like from it. Where they have been, what they like to do for fun and what their style is like!

Walls say so much about the person. Weather they use wallpaper or paint this is something that reflects the entire room. Also pictures are another thing that can say a lot about the room. It can be personal picture of family or adventures or even art that they have made or bought. I think a bedroom is the most personal room in the house. This is where they live and sleep. Only very personal people are allowed in here. Things like sheets and furniture, the type of bed, all their jewelry and clothes can say a lot about the person who lives here. The other thing that says a lot is how neat and clean they keep it!

  • The kitchen also says a lot about the person. Do they like to cook? What type of kitchen do they have? If it’s an Italian family maybe they have lots of pastas drying on the counter getting ready to be boiled. Maybe it’s just a simple suburban kitchen dressed up for the holiday.
  • Once going through the kitchen you walk into the dining room. This room says “hey! This is where I entertain.” Some have long old wooden tables while others just have a tall bistro table. Some dining rooms can be very elegant with crystals and china cabinets in every corner while others can be very clean and modern either showing very dull colors or very vibrant whites. The walls in this room can also say a lot. Do you have moose hanging on your wall next to a coat of arms or do you like to keep it simple maybe by recycling old objects. What do you keep your wine in? Is it an elegant gold rack that goes from floor to ceiling or is it part of an old barn.How Daily Dose of Mulch Keeps Your Garden Healthy
  • After walking through the dining room there is always an entertaining room. This is where everyone comes together to enjoy the day, or night. This is probably my favorite room. This is the most comforting room. The furniture is comfortable, the tables are meant for having a good time. This is one of the post personal rooms. This is the room you show off to everybody. This room says, this is what I want to portray myself as. Maybe you like to have a big roaring fireplace where you keep your guests warm and fuzzy. Or does your entertaining room have a window from floor to ceiling overlooking a skyline. Every entertaining room is a little bit different.
  • Houses and apartments are one of my favorite things to explore. It says so much about somebody. Each place reflects that person not only one the out side but it also reflects their inside. Even just pulling up to there place says something about that person. Walking up to their front door, how they decorate their yard, it’s a very personal thing and I think it really means something when a friend wants to have me over. It says how much they care about you and how they want you to be apart of everything that is in there life. So no matter how you think your house needs to look or how the houses on TV look just remember that your house is you and that no matter what others think that’s not the point. The point is does interior in decoration your house reflect who you are?

Author Bio:
Ryan writes about topics such as interior decoration and remodeling. Ryan holds a Bachelor of Arts in home science from Stanford University.

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