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Installing smart lighting methods is the first step to a smart home. Smart lightings help to light up your home and at the same time save a great deal of money. It helps in cost cutting and also provides with a great deal of benefit as well.Now avoid using the traditional glowing bulbs and switch to something more cost effective like smart bulb.

Led bulbs help by consuming less energy and thus also produce less heat and are durable for a longer period of time. Smart Bluetooth LED Bulbs are some of the best kind of lighting for your homes and they can also be turned off and on at preset times from your phones or your tablets and they are also used to function as alarms. Though it is still a very new technology, it helps in saving your electricity bills by a huge deal and also helps in less replacement of bulbs.

Invest In A Smart Bluetooth Led Bulb And Save More

The new LED bulbs are similar in temperament with the latest technology that is calledBluetooth that can also be monitored through your phone. It is yet to be popular in the market.

The new Smart Bluetooth LED Bulb is compatible with mostly all the new smart devices that come with Bluetooth 4.0.Technology has combined Led and Bluetooth together which is assumed to create a miracle in lighting systems all throughout the world.

Nowadays most smart phone devices have a 4.0 built in bluetooth. This is indeed a very common technology which can be used to connect to Bluetooth as well as a wireless keyboard, speakers, headsets or even headphones. It is very user friendly and can be used effectively.

Invest In A Smart Bluetooth Led Bulb And Save More

How Can the Device Be Used?
You need to turn on the Bluetooth of the device as well as the LED bulb and then pair them togetherand also connect them subsequently. With the new Smart Bluetooth LED Bulb you need to download an application from the app store and then navigate through the settings menu of your device.

After you open the application you need to connect to the bulb via the Bluetooth and depending on the range as well as power of the bulbs you can connect the maximum number of bulbs subsequently at the very same time. You can now control the Led bulbs via your phone by turning them off and on, changing the color temperature as well as the color. This is much more convenient as conventional lights need to be turned off and on via the switch and these kinds of lights can be controlled with the help of your smart phone.

This new application has been devised for IOS handsets currently and can be mapped with Smart LED bulbs and very soon an Android based app will also be created. So now upgrade from the old convention incandescent lights to the new Smart Bluetooth LED Bulb and save the time, money and effort of jumping up to turn on and off a switch!

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