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Your yard is your oasis. It allows you to be creative, to toil with your hands deep in the earth, to grow things that are beautiful and life-sustaining. Yes, landscape design is an art form. Let’s look at some incredible ways that you can enhance the beauty of your yard without a tremendous amount of effort and create your own little oasis. Many landscaping projects can be done in a weekend, some even in just a day!

Flowers, Shrubs, and Trees

Adding flowers and shrubs to your yard is a quick and easy way to immediately enhance the overall look and feel, not to mention the smell of your hard when these plants are in full bloom. While it’s important to try and coordinate plants the complement each other (plant ones that will be taller behind the ones that will have an overall shorter height) it is not a critical piece if you just don’t know where to start. The absolute best thing about planting shrubs and flowers is that you can dig them up and move them, pull them out and start all over if you hate how it looks in a year or two. The best recommendation is to plant shrubs or flowering shrubs along the home’s edge, this covers up the unsightly appearance of where the brick just disappears behind the grass or dirt. Then place some flowers in front of these shrubs and cover the entire area with a mulch of your choice. When choosing what trees to plant, how many to plant and where to plant them, remember that trees are best when they serve one of two purposes: either to provide shade to the yard and the house (thus saving on energy bills) or to serve as an accent piece in the yard that you would then possibly create a small garden around, with some flowers or stones and/or mulch. Take into consideration the size of your hard when considering what type of tree and how many to plant. You don’t want to plant too many trees on a small lot, nor do you want them too close to the house because the roots will eventually grow under the house, possibly causing plumbing and structural foundation issues.Landscape Design Ideas It’s not Just a Yard


I mentioned mulch above. This is a key component to your landscaping project and many people do it wrong. Mulch is supposed to serve one purpose, to enrich and protect the soil of the plants around it so that moisture and vital nutrients stay in the soil and benefit those plants you just spent time and money getting into the ground. Most people, however, view mulch as a landscaping product itself, and while it can be if you choose a color of mulch that accents the color of your house or the plants, most people use so much mulch that it ends up preventing enough of the sun’s heat from getting to the ground. This can cause rot if too much mulch keeps the sun from doing it’s all important job as well. So use mulch, use it well, but use it sparingly. There should only be about a full inch of mulch around your plants and trees. Oh, and don’t let the mulch touch your tree trunk, make a nice little circle barrier between the mulch and the trunk.

Decks, Fences, Brick Walls, Benches and Swings

Accent pieces are the true focal point of any landscaped area. Once you have chosen the right trees, plants and flowers for your yard, you can accentuate their beauty by adding on a stunning deck, a well-made and classic fence design, or sturdy landscaping stones as barriers that keep the plants and the mulch where you want them (especially useful for hills or sloped areas). You really can’t go wrong with any selection here, just choose what you like and put it in. Most of these can be installed on a weekend with beautiful weather in the forecast. Park benches and swings are the final touch for your landscape design so that you have a place to sit and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Grab a glass of tea and sit there enjoying the breeze, the chirp of the birds and the butterflies that have come to enjoy the nectar from your flowers. Ah, lovely!

Author’s bio:
Angelina Ruby has written professionally since 2000. She earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration from the University of Baltimore. She writes articles that are related to landscape services and lawn maintenance.

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