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Owning or renting a home comes with a lot of different problems. Your home is one of your biggest investments, but you still have to take care of it. Regular maintenance keeps the place in good shape. On the list of household chores that you loathe, cleaning the gutters is probably near the top. You have to climb up a ladder and scoop out muck with your hands. Not only is it disgusting, but it can also be somewhat dangerous. Every year, hundreds of people all over Australia fall off of ladders and get injured. Even if you don’t get injured, you still have to deal with piles of dirt, debris, wet leaves, and so on. However, if you do not clean your gutters, they can get clogged up, and water will start to overflow. Overflowing water can leak into your windows, undermine the foundation of your house, and ruin any plants or shrubbery lining your house. Your best bet is to find a way to eliminate the need to clean your gutters at all.

Mesh for Your Gutters
Gutter mesh is one of the most effective ways to eliminate the need to clean your gutters. The basic idea is that you can cover your gutter with something that allows water to fall through, but it blocks things like leaves, twigs, and other debris that would clog your gutter. There are many different iterations of this idea, but mesh is definitely the best method. Some gutter screens come with little tiny holes, but those actually can make the clogging problem worse. Once leaves or sticks cover up the tiny holes, no water can get through either. Mesh has big enough holes that water will always be able to get through. If you install your mesh properly, it’s entirely likely you won’t have to clean your gutters at all. There could be a chance you have to climb up on a ladder and pull some leaves off the mesh, but that’s pretty unlikely. Wet leaves tend to stick to the mesh, but once they dry, they should fall right off.

Mesh is an absolute must—all you have to do is choose the right material.

Never Clean Your Gutters Again

When you’re picking the mesh for your gutters, you need to pick aluminium mesh. Aluminium is the perfect material for a few reasons. First, it does not rust, and it resists corrosion. Since your gutters will be experiencing a lot of water and will constantly be out in the elements, you need a material that won’t rust or corrode. It needs to stand up to the elements without breaking down.

Secondly, aluminium is lightweight. Your gutters can’t really hold up a lot of weight. If you pick a heavier metal, you will be putting a lot of strain on the gutters.

Lastly, aluminium is completely fire-resistant. It has a burn susceptibility rating of zero. This will be just another link in a series of steps you take to make sure your house is safe from fires.

Aluminium mesh could be the time-saver you’ve been looking for.

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