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If you live in Western Australia, you will already be aware of just how destructive the climate can be, especially for exterior items such as fencing and gating, and modern solutions include customised aluminium screening and gating that never requires maintenance. The surface of aluminium oxidises when coming in contact with the atmosphere, but with powder coating technology, you have a tough and durable finish that won’t fade, peel, or crack.

Slat Aluminium Screening

Typically, aluminium slats come in three widths, which are:

  1. 38mm
  2. 65mm
  3. 100mm

The thickness of the slats would be 16mm, and with the above width range, it is possible to strike the ideal balance between seclusion and visibility. If your home is modern, you might want to consider a frameless slat fending design, which can be fixed to support posts or retaining walls to give you the perfect home screening.

Matching Gating

Of course, you will require pedestrian gates for easy access to the terrace or pool area and this can be customised to perfectly match your fencing. If a homeowner would like to purchase aluminium slat gates in Perth, there are online suppliers who specialise in creating unique screening solutions, which are attractive and very durable. All the fixtures and fittings can be supplied and installed, leaving you with a maintenance free screening and gating solution that will be the envy of your neighbours.

Professional Installation

No matter how well the screening is made, it needs to be installed correctly, and with a comprehensive service, there are online suppliers who can design, build and install a unique screening solution that will protect your home and add to the style and elegance. From the initial design stage, to the installation, the experts would ensure that the finished job is everything you expect, and more. Your input is important regarding the design, and an established supplier would be very customer focused, working to create something that is unique to the property.

Timber Woodgrain Finish

Some properties have a rustic appearance, and with a faux timber woodgrain finish, powder coated aluminium is the ideal solution. This durable finish is more than a match for the salty coastal air in Western Australia, and you can still retain that timber look.

Powder Coated Aluminium

This is by far the best material for exterior screening and gating, and it comes in a wide range of colours, allowing you to be creative in your design approach. Once your new screening is in place, you can forget that time consuming preservation that timber requires, and the durable finish will not fade, crack, or peel, no matter what the weather does.

If you prefer the shutter look, there are aluminium aero-foil blades that are set at an angle to give you an alternative design to the standard slat fencing, and with bespoke designs, anything is possible. If you would like to know the range of design options, an online search will bring up a list of companies that specialise in aluminium screening, and they would be happy to suggest some suitable designs.

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