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Preparing your loft for the cold of winter can save you a lot of hassle and a lot of money in the long run. If you are getting digging for all of your sweaters out of the depths of your closet and washing your warm bedding, the next step is winterizing your loft so that the extreme bouts of cold do not put a strain on your structure. Failing to prepare can lead to burst pipes, high utility bills, and unnecessary maintenance when the endless snow and ice holds on tight to your walls and makes the systems in your home work in overdrive. Here are some valuable tips from http://www.simplyloftladders.co.uk/ to ensure that you are prepared to protect your modern loft against the extreme cold that winter brings.

Steps All Homeowners Must Take to Winterize Lofts

While the most reputable builders take time to ensure that these homes are efficient as possible, it is still your responsibility as the owner of a property to maintain the property and inspect for possible trouble areas when the temperatures drop below freezing. Here are vital steps that all loft owners should take to create an efficient, warm, and cozy space:

1. Inspect for Obvious Leaks and Seal Them 


When you think of a leak, you may automatically think of water, but air can also leak into the home, creating cool drafts throughout your entire living space. The small leaks throughout the home can add up, and when you add up the leaks in the average home, EarthWorks Group claims that the average size of the hole when combined measures to 9 square feet. These leaks translate into discomfort and money because of the air that you are heating that is steadily making its way outdoors.

Inspect all areas in the home where leaks are common. This can include lighting fixtures, electrical outlets, window seals, door frames, and joints of the wall and ceiling. Once you find the drafty areas, you can use the proper weather-resistant caulking, outlet gaskets, door sweeps, and sealer that will seal up the leaks and make the home a warmer and less drafty place.

2. Make Sure Your Loft is Insulated Properly

insulation types

Insulation is one of the main applications in the loft that prevents the chilled outside air from traveling through your exterior walls and into your property. While some reputable conversion builders are dedicated to using the highest grade insulation, a majority of builders will cut costs by choosing a low-grade insulation with a low R-value that is not very effective in keeping out the blistering cold and the moisture as it is intended to.

There are several different types of insulation, from polyurethane, extruded polystyrene, and blown-in applications, to multifoils, boards, rolls, and slabs. The type you choose depends upon the area that you are insulating. Be sure to choose a high R-value insulation, fill in the gaps around your lag pipes, ducts, and appliances, and the air that you are heating will stay inside the home.

Step 3: Have Your Furnace Serviced

boiler servicing

You should always have your HVAC systems services immediately before an extreme change in temperatures. Furnaces are very inefficient when they have not been cleaned properly. Leaks in the furnace can also be a hazard, especially when it has not been used for months. Hire a reliable technician to inspect and service your furnace and/or boiler. Also have the chimney and flues swept before you use it.

If you do not insulate pipes and walls, inspect your furnace, or seal the leaks around your loft, winter can be just as uncomfortable as it is costly. Make sure you do pre-winter maintenance, and you will be prepared for the most extreme winter you could imagine.

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