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Are you constantly tripping over children’s toys? Having to clean up whenever visitors come over? Do you feel like your kids don’t have a space they can play and grow with? A great way to deal with these issues is to turn your basement into a playroom. While it may seem like a daunting project to refinish a basement, if you take a few things into account while planning, it can be done inexpensively, creatively and provide the space needed for the whole family.

  • The first thing to do is talk with your children. Kids as young as three or four can be great sources of inspiration for color schemes, themes and fun things to include in the space. They may suggest things you wouldn’t think of. Be wary of schemes that are trendy or that the kids will get sick of easily though. Try to incorporate their ideas into a room that will grow with them.
  • Another great idea is to build a theater/stage. This is a perfect place for kids to express their creativity by putting on plays and puppet shows. It can easily be done by just building a small raised platform for the stage and hanging curtains from the ceiling. Having curtains at ½ height for puppet gives the stage double use and kids will love it.Remodel Your Basement into the Perfect Playroom for Kids
  • A third idea is to incorporate tents or a tented area in the playroom. Children love to have spaces that they feel are their own and that they can hide away in. Making a small tent for a child is an inexpensive way to do this; you can easily design your own or even buy a pre-made kit. Using tents created for the outdoors is also a great idea and cheap/easy to buy.
  • The fourth suggestion would be to make sure all items used in the playroom are kid friendly and durable. This is a playroom so kids shouldn’t have to worry about spills or having to limit their play activities because of materials. Use kid friendly, washable– even outdoor—materials. Gloss paint on the walls or chalkboard paint makes for easy clean up. When choosing a carpet, make sure it is easy to clean and the color/pattern will hide stains.
  • The next and fifth suggestion is to make sure there is a place for everything. Being organized will help keep the room free of clutter and also make toys easily accessible. If the toys have designated spots then the kids will always know where to find them. Also, make it a habit for the children to put away all toys before going to bed—if there is a place for everything this task will be much easier and quicker. Using shelving and multiple small bins for toys is a great way to stay organized.
  • Having soft surfaces would be the next tip. Kids will be running, jumping, playing, and lounging in this space so it should be as comfortable and cushy as possible. Purchase the thickest padding and carpet you can afford. Also, incorporate bean bag chairs, large floor pillows and other soft seating areas for the kids to relax in.
  • The last thing to consider when planning the basement playroom is that it should be a room that will grow with the children. They won’t always be little kids so the space should also be usable for teenagers and college aged adults. By making the space neutral enough to grow with the kids, it will save money by not needing to renovate when the children are older.

By using these seven tips, you can create a great refinished basement playroom for your family. Use of the above ideas creatively can facilitate inexpensive basement renovations. The finished playroom will be a space in which your kids can have fun, be creative, and grow.

Author bio:
Jennifer Lopez currently resides in Austria. She holds a Bachelor degree in physics from Texas Tech University. She has written several award-winning special sections as a marketing writer and also writes articles that are related to building and professional contractors.

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