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Deck space is an area where creative gentry are starting to focus on. Slowly and gradually application of timber on the deck space has become a trend now. It is such a convenient option that many DIY fans are keen on having them. So be imaginative and go ahead.

An important side of the timber flooring to consider is its property to swell in winters and contract in summers. Yes! You read right. Weather does affect the timber flooring. For instance from October to March, the flooring may seem almost swelled. Again, in spring and the summer they return back to their original shape. Warm and dry conditions may have no impacts but extreme weather conditions do affect them. Try to look for quality discount timber for right investment.

It is highly advisable to let the timber acclimatize as per the weather in your location. Minimum seven days is recommended but the more – the merrier. This gives the timber some time to get set with the surroundings. Some key points to remember concerning acclimatization:-

  • Try your best to keep the boards closest to the place where they need to be installed.
  • DO not put them connected to the floor
  • If kept in open, cover them well to prevent water absorption

Research Well To Have The Best Deck Made With Right Timber

Some Points Of Concern

There are certain safety precautions you must take, while handling this DIY project. Read below:-

  • Wear gloves to prevent any splinter getting poked in your hands
  • Wear glasses to prevent splinters or such particles venturing into your eyes or mouth
  • Wear corrective measures to prevent inhaling of fumes
  • Timber is treated chemical- do not use to create fire
  • Do not use timber waste for barbeque
  • Don’t use it for cooking either

Before Application Concerns

There are certain things you must do before you start to fix the timber planks on the deck space. They are:-

  • Clean the area and remove any sort of vegetation
  • Remove vegetation from underneath of the ground too
  • Apply some weed control source to prevent their growth on the first layer of the earth
  • Make a slab of concrete before fixing them; do not fix them on soil
  • If the drainage system and the soil are poor, contact a professional for precautionary measures


Annually inspect the flooring for keeping the following things under check:-

  • Is there loose board?
  • Any protruding screws?
  • Any splinter vividly visible and where did it come from?
  • Wash the space on regular basis to prevent algae and such?
  • Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer?

In addition, wash it with deck cleaning solution for eliminating the dirt, moss, and algae. Be careful that the solution does not harm nearby shrubs or plants.

Deck made of timber is indeed a good and creative idea to simply celebrate your stay at your residence or place of work. By doing good research and taking preventive measures you may have a real awesomely fantabulous area.

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