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For many home owners paving is a fantastic way to protect landscaping while providing a unique look and natural flow to their property. The cost of these materials varies based on local availability, material costs, and installation. In this article we will be exploring some of the most common materials used for residential paving and, provide you with an idea of the costs associated with each type. The first thing to remember is that the actual cost of these materials varies based on where you live and what installation or supply company you choose. It is important to get as many quotes from different companies in your area as possible to make sure you get the best pricing for your project.

Natural Stone

Natural stone can provide a truly unique look. These stones are pulled from the ground and cut to a specified size and shape. These stones can be sandstone, granite, marble, slate, etc. Local availability is a large factor in the cost of these materials. This keeps the cost of transporting the materials low. The cost of their manufacturing is another consideration but one you may not have very much control over. It is also important to watch your installation costs.


Brick can be a handsome addition to a property. It can be had in a number of colors and laid in several designs to create a stylish walk way that lasts for decades. The installation method can affect the cost of this material. There is the traditional mortar method of installation but there is also a sand based method of installation that can be cheaper. There may also be variation in cost for different colorings and patterns. These should not be difficult to source locally but depending on where you live transportation costs may be a factor as well.


Clay paving is formed either by hand or by machine and offers a wide range of colors. Since these paving stones can be machine made they can be used to create intricate patterns requiring a high degree of precision. Unfortunately, their manufacturing will add to their cost. In addition, there is transportation costs to be considered as well. There may be some cost savings from different manufacturing processes so an open mind may lead to a bit of savings.The Price Differences of Common Paving Materials

Concrete paving costs are probably the most reasonable. There is no limit to the color and configuration. Installation can be handled by the home owner in small scales and performed quickly by professionals for larger projects. There should be no issues with sourcing this material locally and, unless you need an extreme quantity, your material costs should be low. It still helps to get many quotations from local companies as material and labor costs will vary but this should be the least expensive option in most cases.


Cobblestone provides the charm of the old world. These paving stones are mostly split from granite and can be left rough or more commonly smoothed for a rounded appearance. This is truly a material for the ages and one that provides a look that will be well recognized. The cost of this material here again is in the manufacture, transportation, and installation costs. However, this is a popular choice which may mean it is readily available.

The paving materials we have discussed here have many common factors that raise or lower their cost. When dealing with heavy stones in large quantities transportation costs can seriously increase the cost of the material. It will almost always be best to find a company that can supply the materials themselves locally or at least from a local supplier. Labor costs are another factor that need to be looked at carefully when making your selection. It is also important when you are close to selecting a company to research their past work if possible. Talk to friends and neighbors to see if the company has a reputation for quality work. Hopefully, we’ve helped you make a decision that can add beauty and character to your property for a lifetime.

Author’s Bio:
Maria Dsouza is a former teacher with a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education and mathematics. She has been a writer since 1998, specializing in business, fitness and education. She also writes that are related to interlocking pavers and driveways.

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