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Whether own a home or a business, you know the importance of having a working, efficient hot water system. Hot water systems are essential for both homes and offices; they are something that we simply cannot do without. Whether your system is gas or electric, installation and maintenance of a hot water system should only be performed by a competent and experienced plumber. They should also work for a company that specializes in hot water systems, and should put you at ease while they are in your home or commercial facility. Hiring the right plumber makes all the difference in the world.

Types of Hot Water Systems
Regardless of which type of hot water system you want or have, you will need an experienced professional to install or maintain your system. Decisions regarding hot water systems depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The ages of the people in your home
  • The number of people who live in your home
  • The number of bathrooms in your home
  • Indoor and outdoor space considerations
  • The lifestyles of the individuals who live in the home
  • Costs of installation and efficiency of the unit itself
  • Service access and power source

While some of these aspects may seem irrelevant, if you’re choosing a brand new system, a knowledgeable plumber knows that they are all-too important to choosing the right one to fit your needs. Only by hiring a professional will you be able to determine which system is right for you.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Hot Water System

Keeping Your Warranty Alive
When considering a hot water system, it is recommended that you have it serviced annually so that it doesn’t affect the warranty. In addition, you should have the sacrificial anode—the device that prevents corrosion on your copper cylinder—replaced every two to three years. By maintaining your system regularly, you not only keep the warranty effective, but you can also rest easy knowing that the unit is safe to be around and that it will last a long time.

Choosing the Right Plumber
Hot water systems in Perth and surrounding areas need to be installed and maintained properly, and this is only accomplished through the use of a professional plumber. Most plumbers work with a variety of systems, including Thermman, Rheem, Bosch, Wilson Super X, Everhot and Vulcan, among others. They will also educate you on the upkeep of your hot water system, as well as on the safety of hot water systems in general (e.g., by telling you to keep the hot water at 50 degrees or lower).

When choosing a plumber, many people go online first. This is a smart idea, since professional plumbers usually have extensive websites that will give you all the information you need to know, including their specific services and a way to obtain a free, no-obligation quote for the services you need. They usually have pages on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, which is yet another way to find out about the services they offer. Going online will allow you to become familiar with everything about the plumbing company and easily contact them afterwards.

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