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The display cases in a bakery lend an inviting and neat look to the store. They draw attention to all the tasty treats that the bakery offers. As far as bakeries are concerned, there is no other effective way to attract customers than to present them with mouthwatering and eye-catching display of cakes, pastries, donuts, and the signature dishes.

1 Great Cases Can Be Eye-Candy!

Selecting the right bakery display case is very much important in attracting customers. Buying the right display will ensure to maximize your sales potential. So, how do you decide what kind of displays would suit your bakery. Is it something that is of the basket-style or something that is completely enclosed?

2 Choosing the Right Displays

Selecting bakery displays for this kind of business may appear to be a complicated task, but there are several things that you need to consider before deciding the fitting that you would want to use; this can help you narrow down your choices and opt for the best.

As with any other shop display, it is important that you order for a piece that can fit into the available space without getting in the customers’ way. So, before placing your order, spend some time to take the measurements of your store before ordering for display shelves or cabinets. Also, think about solutions that will best fit for the store decor.

3 Other Considerations

When it comes to choosing a display stand for a bakery, there are more factors to be considered when compared to choosing one for any other retail business. For instance, you will have to ensure that the cabinets are hygienic and apt for display and storage of food items. Hygienic wire shelves are ideal since you can keep trays of various baked products on it, thus storing each item separately. This facilitates easier cleaning too!Top 6 Factors for Choosing the Best Display Cases for a Bakery

4 Make Use of Trays as Display Shelves

You can also consider using trays along with display shelves as this can help to reorganize the shelf quickly, while also letting you fill the bare space with fresh goodies. Display shelves that do not have a back are easier to be reached for picking the goodies as these allow efficient and quick service to your customers. This is especially advantageous for a window display, in which you have to ensure that the most appealing items are on display to the customers.

5 Clear Counters Attract the Walk-in Customers

Clear display counters where the food items can be showed off are good idea since customers will get to see what all you have to offer. This kind of display gives you the opportunity to display the entire stock.

6 More Options

There are options to consider if you want a freezer-based display case or a case that can keep the goodies hot or normal display cases. So, based on the kind of food you are planning to store, you can decide what you want.

Finally, you can consider investing in few new window displays and eye-catching cake stands as this can improve sales by motivating more shoppers to enter your bakery.

On the whole, the choice is left to you and with a huge range of display solutions offered for bakeries, you have to be able to customize your bakery to meet all your requirements and present the products in a tempting way to customers in your shop as well as to those walking on the street in front of it.

Author Bio:

Elizabeth Johnson runs a business that supplies shop displays to all kinds of stores. She gives tips about what types of Scaffold do you need and grocery store displays.

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