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Even if you are a budding gardener with all the tools and a carefully crafted lawn with stunning shrubs and flowers in attendance, there are some maintenance tasks that are best left to the experts, and tree care just happens to be top of the list. Large and small trees require expert care, and with the right pruning and trimming, trees can be shaped to provide essential shading and also appear to blend well with the property.

Large Trees

If your garden is spacious, the chances are you will have some medium to large trees, and as nice as they are, they can soon get out of hand, and that is when the risk of property damage begins. Any tree work on a large tree must be carried out above ground level, and if you are not experienced at working at heights with a chainsaw, then resist the urge to save a little money and call in a qualified arborist.

Stump Removal

Many homeowners inherited a huge tree stump in a corner of the garden, and have always resigned themselves to the fact that it is part and parcel of the garden, yet with a modern stump grinder, even the largest and toughest of stumps can be simply ground down to nothing but wood chips. If this is news to you and you would like to reclaim that corner of the garden, there are tree surgeons in Perth who have the latest stump grinding tools to make short work of any job.

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Pruning trees is an art, and it must be done correctly, if the tree is to reach its full potential. A tree will grow naturally, its branches will twist and turn in the struggle to reach the sky, and with careful manipulation, a tree can be groomed to the ideal shape. This process can take a few years, and if you ever decide to replant, talk to a local expert, who can advise on the best species for that particular environment. If you have a large garden with a range of trees, it might be better to arrange an annual contract with a local tree surgeon, who can periodically visit and do the necessary work. This would be a cost effective way to have your tree care issues dealt with, and with his expert advice, you will soon know if any tree needs major work.

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Insured and Experienced

The bottom line when looking at a contractor to remove a large tree is that the company are both experienced and insured. A special form of public liability insurance would cover any damage caused, and with many years of hands-on experience, the tree surgeon would not undertake anything risky, and would remove the tree section by section.

If one would like the best from the shading opportunities your trees could provide, have then looked after by an expert, and you can watch with pride as your trees rise majestically, shading the area for you and your family.

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