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Having a new home built has many advantages, including being able to add features to help you save on energy costs. Since the cost of new home construction can be expensive, saving on your energy bills can help you get back some of the investment you are putting into your home. Here are some of the design features you should consider to help conserve energy in order to save money.

Energy Efficient Design
There are several home design features that will help save on the operating costs of your house. The location of your new house, its layout, the size of the windows, and how well insulated it is will help reduce its energy costs. In addition, the materials used in building your house will also factor into energy savings.

Thermal Mass Materials
Using certain materials in the construction of a house will help reduce energy bills by helping to absorb heat in the summer so your air conditioner doesn’t have to work hard to cool your home. In addition, during the winter months, these materials can release heat back into your home, helping to keep it warm.
Some of the design features include concrete floors and feature brick walls in a house. Lighter materials, like timber and plasterboard, can be used inside of your house to help as well because they heat up and cool down quickly.

Using Design Features to Save on Energy Costs

Location of Rooms
The design of your house will also help to cut energy costs by grouping rooms with similar uses together as much as possible. For example, you can group all of the rooms that use hot water together including: the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry in order to help minimise heat loss in the water pipes. Also, the bathroom, laundry room, and garage should be located on the southern or western sides of the house because they do not need to be heated and cooled as much as the main living spaces.

Sydney home builders should also consider designing homes with fewer open plans and high ceilings as it costs more to heat these open spaces. Since heat rises, you lose some of it if the ceilings are too high and your heating system has to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. However, using ceiling fans can help push heat back down to help conserve energy and keep everyone comfortable.

Landscaping Help
The landscaping of your yard can also help reduce heating and cooling bills by providing shade to protect your house against the hot sun in the summer time and to allow the sun to heat it in the winter. Deciduous trees are a good landscaping choice because they can help with your heating and cooling costs all year round.

When you have a new home built, speak to the home design company you are working with to create a house that will help you save on energy costs. Along with their design choices, they can make sure energy efficient appliances are used in your dream house.

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