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Being a homeowner entails a wide range of responsibilities. Part of owning a home is taking care of it and maintaining it, but many people also like to renovate, change, or otherwise modify their homes to suit a specific need. This enhances the living arrangements and lifestyle of the occupants but also adds to the value of the home in many cases should the decision to sell ever be made.

When adding to the home and investing money in a renovation, it is important to decide whether the money invested will guarantee a good return on a future sale. Of course, many people simply add to the home without this consideration and prioritise their own lifestyle.

One of the most popular additions in Australia is a backyard pool. Due to the high temperatures that many parts of Australia face, a backyard pool can really be an excellent addition to any home and can certainly add value to it if it looks great, is secure, and is well maintained. If you have or are considering having a pool installed, it is vital to ensure that it is securely fenced, especially if there are small children in the home or children often visit. Before it became mandatory to securely fence a pool, there were numerous cases of unsupervised small children falling in and injuring themselves or worse.


Enhancing Your Pool

If you don’t care for the rugged look of cyclone fencing around a pool, why not consider installing glass balustrades? Apart from being strong and secure when using quality steel fence spigots and tempered thick glass, they look fantastic! Being completely see-through, they enhance rather than diminish the area in which they are installed, and also allow an unrestricted view of the pool from the house so that parental supervision is easy. Even though they are obviously great for pool areas, here’s where you can also use them:

  • Balconies: The great Aussie balcony is a feature of many homes. If the balcony is on a second floor or is just over a metre from the ground, Australian law requires the installation of a barrier, so why not consider installing a glass balustrade that looks sleek and smooth and doesn’t detract from the home?
  • Stairways: A glass balustrade can even be used indoors to really enhance stairways and even platform areas in a home. They provide an aesthetically pleasing enhancement and represent a sturdy barrier.
  • Bordering: Apart from some of the more common uses, did you know that you can even use it to border gardens and pathways, and even as a fence at the front of your home? Most of us think of the perennial white picket fence, but why not use a quality glass balustrade to really add a touch of class to your home? Not only is it sturdy, but it will add a great wow factor to any home going to market.

Quality at an Affordable Price

A premium-quality glass balustrade need not be restricted to your backyard pool. Because of the sturdiness of the glass and the steel spigots, it is also a great way to provide effective barrier fencing in many other places including stairways, front fencing, and garden borders.

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