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A building contractor may be defined as the person who is hired for having the skills in performing a work for a specific period of time and is being paid based on the amount of work done or contributed. The building contractor may also be referred as the person who is responsible for the full coordination of the project. Its primary purpose is to assess the specific documents of the project. In terms of property renovation, the task of the building contractor is to have a site visit in order to have a better understanding of the project. The building contractors are the ones that is being hired by the client upon the advice of an engineer or an architect. Depending on the method of delivery, the contractor may submit a price proposal that is fix or bid or price estimate. It also consider the expenses of the home office overhead, materials and equipment, and the labor cost to have the price for project.


The building contractor is the one responsible for giving all the equipment, material, and labor and services that are deemed necessary for the construction and completion of the project. It also have the capability to hire a subcontractor to perform a whole or part of the construction method. Other responsibilities includes the application for building permits, send temporary site utilities, securing property, and managing the site personnel. It may also include providing a schedule and cash flow monitoring, site surveying, and maintain the accurate records.

The Licensing Requirements

The licensing requirements to perform a legal work on the construction projects may differ from locale to locale.

What Is The Definition of a Building Contractor

Licensing Qualifications

There is no educational qualification that is set to become a building contractor, however many clients requires a bachelor’s degree. Other building contractors has a bachelor’s degree in building science, construction science, and construction safety. They usually starts as construction workers. With this, they acquire work experience and able to learn various aspects in construction like carpentry, masonry, and plumbing. The building contractors may communicate to the subcontractors to study several management skills that they in running their own company.

The construction industry experience and the customer’s references are demanded. In some jurisdictions they are required to present proof of financing their own contracting company. Building contactors usually operates their own construction business. They have subcontractors to fulfill the construction work and manage a team of electricians, carpenters, and plumbers. They also make their business in networking with the possible clients, having the standard construction materials and equipment, and ensure that the subcontractors can complete high-end types of works. They usually do not complete majority of the work by themselves, but they have to be familiar on the construction methods in order to manage their workers effectively.

Many businesses tends to choose the building contractors for many reasons. For legal purposes, it can be easier for hiring and releasing a building contractor as compared to the regular employee that the company may have.

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